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10 Best Gifts for Babies and Young Toddlers + DIY Gift Wrap Tutorial

December 8, 2016

Simple + modern DIY gift wrapping inspiration - black + white, monochrome | Happy Grey Lucky

The holidays are so much more special now that we have two young kids. Seeing their faces light up when they unwrap a new toy is pure magic. Check out my favourite picks below for your baby’s first (or second!) holiday.

Best gifts for babies + young toddlers - Christmas gift guide | Happy Grey Lucky

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[ 1 ] Teether ring . Young babies don’t need much but a teething ring is always a good idea. These beautiful Otherware teethers are made of organic maple rings and toxic-free silicone beads. Perfect for babies that want to chew on everything.

[ 2 ] Stacking cups . These IKEA stacking cups were Isabelle’s absolute favourite toy from about 4 months until a year old and they only cost $3! And now they’re being used in the bath by both of my kiddos so it’s definitely a versatile toy.

[ 3 ] Sophie the Giraffe . Every baby seems to be obsessed with Sophie – she squeaks, she’s easy to hold, and she’s nice for those sore teething gums.

[ 4 ] Moccasins . There’s nothing cuter than mini baby shoes. These Freshly Picked moccasins come in loads of gorgeous colours and are perfect for babies pulling themselves up and taking their first steps.

[ 5 ] Walker . Once babies are starting to cruise on furniture, a walker will be a huge hit. I love the IKEA version since it’s wood but so much less expensive than the others out there, plus it doubles as a wagon for older toddlers who no longer need a walker but love pushing things around.

[ 6 ] Ride-on toy . Toys that they can get on are super fun for older babies and toddlers. Rody is a huge hit at our house. He’s a bouncing house great for building balance. Even Isabelle still loves riding on Rody so it’s a toy that will last through the years.

[ 7 ] Playmat . Give them a soft surface to play on, especially if you’ve got hardwood floors. This Nukko playmat won’t clash with your decor and is reversible for two fun monochrome prints.

[ 8 ] Stacking rings . Help older babies and toddlers work on their fine motor skills with a classic stacking rings set. Nicolas is obsessed with his stacking rings – he can sit there for half an hour (I kid you not!) putting all the rings on, dumping them, and repeating the whole process. Go with wooden ones like this set from Plan Toys, since half the fun is hearing that clink when the rings drop down.

[ 9 ] Scooter . Once your toddler is walking confidently, Scooters are a great way for building balance and coordination. The Micro Mini 3-in-1 scooter is great from age 1 and up since it starts with a ride-on seat and grows to a regular scooter. This way you can skip the typical ride-on car. Double duty toys are always a good idea!

[ 10 ] Shape sorter . Great for toddlers as it helps build their fine motor skills as well as their understand of shapes and colours. I love this one from Melissa and Doug as it’s also a drum. We’re all about multi-tasking toys at our house!

Simple + modern DIY gift wrapping inspiration - black + white, monochrome | Happy Grey Lucky

DIY modern, monochrome gift wrapping

Black and white paper, wrapped with string + adorned with geometric stars, hand stamped Chrismas lyrics + some cinnamon to make it all smell divine.

What you’ll need:

How to get the look:

Wrap gifts in either black or white postal paper. Tie some twine (or raffia ribbon) around your packages – I love offsetting a traditional bow to one corner or wrapping twine around the middle several times. For your white packages, either hand stamp a fun message directly onto the paper or cut out a black star shape and stick it under your twine. For your black packages, add a Christmas star ornament (instead of a traditional label) or tuck some cinnamon sticks under the twine.

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Stephanie December 14, 2016 at 12:34 am

How is Rody for a 1-year-old? I’ve seen them around but I feel like maybe Evy is still too young? Thoughts?

Sina December 19, 2016 at 10:50 am

We got Rody when Isabelle was 15 months and it was a TAD early still, although she still had fun playing with him (but not bouncing yet). I’d say at around 18 months is when she starting being able to bounce.


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