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10 Best Gifts for New Moms + DIY Gift Wrap Tutorial

December 6, 2016

Simple + modern DIY gift wrapping inspiration with kraft paper + greenery | Happy Grey Lucky

‘Tis the season for gift guides and I’m jumping right on that bandwagon. I’m going to do things just a little differently though and add an easy DIY gift wrapping tutorial to each gift guide. So if you’re here because you’re in need of some spiffy present ideas – great! I’ve got you covered. But if you’ve got your Christmas lists all sorted (or you don’t have a new mom to shop for), I hope you’ll stay for some wrapping inspiration (a mini tutorial at the end of the post).

I’m starting off with the new mom in your life because, hey, she just birthed a baby and deserves to go first.

Best gifts for new moms - Christmas gift guide | Happy Grey Lucky

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[ 1 ] Nursing basics . Good nursing tops are so hard to find. These Boob Design nursing tops (and all of their nursing range, really) are phenomenal. They are nice and long for taller mamas (or mamas who want a little extra bum coverage) and the design makes for very discreet nursing (the top half goes up to give you boob access rather than coming down as most do).

[ 2 ] Personalized necklace . I’ve never been the sentimental jewelry type but all that changed when I became a mom. Now I love carrying a little keepsake around with me that has my kids’ names on it. I have one of these gorgeous bar necklaces from Pixley Pressed with “Izzy + Nicky” handstamped on it and it is one of my favourite pieces of jewelry that I own.

[ 3 ] Convertible diaper bag . There’s a lot of stuff that needs carting around when you’ve got a baby and diaper knapsacks are the way to go to keep you hands-free. This beautiful Fawn Design convertible diaper bag is a backpack that converts to a messenger bag when backpack-style is not ideal (like when you’ve got a baby on your back).

[ 4 ] Pretty + cozy bathrobe . Let’s face it, if we’re not leaving the house, there’s really no need to get dressed. Throw a bathrobe on top of those jammies and call it a day. This merino wool robe from Hanna Andersson is warm + comfy without the bulk.

[ 5 ] New shoes . Maternity clothes are getting too big, but pre-pregnancy clothes don’t yet fit. Those in between months are a girl’s worst nightmare so give her something where her size is always constant: new shoes. Loving these Geox booties that are both stylish and comfortable for those long stroller walks in colder temps. Bonus: they’re waterproof!

[ 6 ] Personalized birth print . Another sweet + sentimental gift idea is a custom print with all of baby’s birth details. Orly Pea makes the sweetest modern birth prints that are perfect to hang in the nursery.

[ 7 ] Ring sling . Babywearing is a lifesaver and a ring sling is perfect for quick in and outs. Elbe Baby makes the most gorgeous colours (like this beautiful yellow number) with a fantastic little pocket to throw your keys or phone (because she’s probably wearing leggings).

[ 8 ] Little black (nursing) dress . Trying to find a dress to wear to a party or wedding that is both nursing friendly, flattering to the postpartum body, and easy on the wallet is next to impossible. Lucky for her (and you!), ASOS just came out with a maternity nursing line, including dozens of dresses like this classic bardot dress. A good length sleeve, ruching + slimming black make this a perfect pick, plus it’s available in both petite and tall sizes.

[ 9 ] E-reader . Those first few months mean lots of time sitting and nursing slash holding a sleeping baby. Whilst an iPhone is a new mom’s best friend, sometimes it’s nice to get offline. Except reading a book one handed is pretty much impossible, so an e-reader (like this all-white Kindle paperwhite) is a must.

[ 10 ] Teething necklace . Regular necklaces are out once baby turns 3 months but teething necklaces are mom’s new favourite accessory. Babies can tug, suck or bite to their hearts’ content and mom is happy that she gets to wear a little bit of jewelry when it’s a beautiful teething necklace like this one from Bumble and Bee.

Simple + modern DIY gift wrapping inspiration with kraft paper + greenery | Happy Grey Lucky

DIY simple, modern, nature-inspired gift wrapping

Black and white is always a good idea and a little greenery takes this simple look and makes it more festive. (You can find another gift wrap tutorial using neutral colours with pops of greenery here.)

What you’ll need:

How to get the look:

I’m sure it’s pretty self explanatory but a tutorial needs directions, right? All I did was wrap my boxes in black and white postal paper, added a different colour of paper raffia tied into a bow, slid in some greenery + added a pretty IKEA label to the bigger boxes. Easy peasy!

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Tara December 6, 2016 at 8:57 pm

Oh my goodness, this is too gorgeous. And great list.

Sina December 19, 2016 at 10:51 am

Thanks so much Tara!

liz December 14, 2016 at 3:14 pm

Where did you get your scissors? They’re so pretty!

Sina December 19, 2016 at 10:51 am

Ikea! Haha, where else? 😛


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