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5 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mom in Your Life

February 12, 2018

Blowing confetti | Last-minute valentine's day gift ideas for mom

Anyone else feel like January dragged on forever and now we’re into February and it’s just speeding by? Two more days and we’re already halfway through the month! And more importantly, it’s the day of love – Valentine’s Day. It might be a commercial holiday, but any day to celebrate love and to show your gratitude to those special people in your lives is a good one in my books. And if you’re anything like me and leave absolutely everything to the last possible second, here’s a quick gift guide for the mom in your life that she’s sure to appreciate (and will have no idea you didn’t plan this well in advance).

Last-minute valentine's day gift ideas for mom | Happy Grey Lucky

[ 1 ] Spa gift certificate . Every mom needs a spa date so this is always a good gift idea. Better yet? Book her into a treatment this upcoming weekend and offer to watch the kiddos. If you’re in Toronto, I love gifting a waters card from Body Blitz.

[ 2 ] Magazine subscription . Reading a book from start to finish is next to impossible when you’ve got young kids and a million things to do but a magazine is a nice alternative. Grab the first copy at your local corner store so she’s got something to unwrap on Wednesday.

[ 3 ] Flower subscription . Flowers may seem a little cliché (but still appreciated!) on Valentine’s Day, but what about a flower subscription? It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The Bouq’s put together really beautiful bouquets and you can setup everything online.

[ 4 ] A solo night at a hotel . Something else every mom needs? A good night’s sleep. If mom and dad can’t get away together, a solo night at a local hotel with nothing to do but order room service and watch Netflix is the perfect way to reset. For $40 off booking.com, you can use this link.

[ 5 ] Meal delivery service . Sometimes mom just needs a little break from her never-ending list of daily chores. Take one item off her list by setting her up with a few days or weeks of a meal delivery service. I’ve personally used and loved GoodFood here in Canada. I’ve also heard great things about Hello Fresh and they currently have a great Valentine’s Day special (3 free plates!).

Blowing confetti | Last-minute valentine's day gift ideas for mom

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