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A Letter To My Husband After Kids

June 15, 2017

A letter to my husband on Father's Day - Together We Mother series | Happy Grey Lucky

To my husband (after kids),

With Father’s Day fast approaching and with my currently travelling around Europe without you, I’ve spent more time than usual reflecting on what you mean to me. It’s something I should do all the time but, alas, life these days is so busy and hectic that I often take you for granted. I focus solely on our kids, on my work, on my never-ending todo list, and forget to focus on the man who has shaped my wonderful life into what it is. So today, after two weeks of parenting without you and a day before you finally join our little family again, I wanted to spend a bit of time focusing on just you. To write this letter to my one true love, to my husband of (almost) 6 years, and to the amazing father of our two sweet (and sometimes crazy) kids.

Having a baby (well now two babies) has changed our lives forever. Sometimes I miss the freedom of being able to go on an impromptu date night, of sleeping in every weekend, of spending a whole day snuggling on the couch and binge-watching our favourite show. I miss the ability of quick-paced travelling and spending hours sitting at our favourite waterfront pub watching people go by.

But now I have something else. Something even better.

I have the sounds of excited screeches when the kids spot the car in the driveway at night. I have the sight of you teaching our kids soccer or basketball or whichever of the many sports you excel at. I have the sound of you reading and singing to our kids every night and them reading and singing along with you.

I have a newfound respect for you. For the patience you have with our two patience-testing kiddos and with your sleep-deprived, hormonally imbalanced wife. For how dedicated you are to our little family. For how you live every single day with the intention of making sure those lucky few people who are most important to you, that they are happy.

I know it’s not always evident but I love every single thing about you. I might not understand why, after 8 years together, you still don’t know how to differentiate between my various shirts and put them in their appropriate pile in our closet or why you refuse to use a recipe when cooking. But you are faithful and kind and funny and thoughtful and absolutely everything I could ever want in my partner in life. There’s no one I’d rather do this parenting gig with and, every day I see you with our kids, it cements this feeling even more in my heart.

Today, I want to say thank you for everything you do.

For getting up with our early risers every single day so I can get an extra hour of sleep.

For taking out the trash every Monday even in -40C weather.

For carrying on your own family traditions like fresh croissants on weekend mornings.

For cleaning the bathrooms ever since I was pregnant and couldn’t stand the smell of our eco cleaning supplies (even though the smell doesn’t bother me anymore).

For playing board and card games with me.

For always being the rock while I go through a million emotions every day.

For running to the store to get me Ben & Jerry’s on countless occasions.

For always shovelling the snow and making it so that I have yet to shovel once in our house that we’ve lived in for two winters.

For taking our kids to soccer and swim class.

For eating whatever style of diet I’m currently into. Like paleo even though gluten and dairy are your lifeline.

For teaching me tennis and golf.

For letting me tickle you even though it’s probably your least favourite thing in the world.

For always doing the bedtime routine so I have a few extra minutes to myself after a stressful day of parenting.

For never doubting my abilities even when I doubt them myself.

For always buying me peonies because they’re my favourite.

For letting me drag you around the world when you’d probably prefer to just spend your holidays on a beach doing absolutely nothing.

For pushing me to fulfill my dreams even though it means so much less free time for you as well.

For taking my pictures even though I’m an undeniably difficult creative director.

For leaving me the sweetest notes for me to find in the morning.

For being my sounding board.

For never making me feel like I need to hide something from you.

For behind honest and letting me be honest even when the truth hurts.

For always making me feel safe in your arms.

Even though we now have two tiny humans that take up most of our attention, you are still my number one. Well, tied for number one. I love you more than words can ever express. Happy Father’s Day!


Your wifey and baby mama

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