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Five Things // Back to the Cold

February 5, 2017

Key West pastel house, Florida - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ Pretending to own one of the many adorable pastel cottages in Key West. Loved wandering the streets and admiring the beautiful colonial architecture. }

On Tuesday it was back to cold Toronto for us after our 5-day stay in the Florida Keys. I seriously had the absolute best time just hanging out with Isabelle and enjoying the warm(ish) weather. But of course it was pretty nice to get back to our two boys. Nicolas was a little mad at me the first day back and threw a fit when Chris went to work, but he warmed up quickly. (Tim bits may have helped his affections along *wink wink*.)

Little girl swimming with puddle jumpers - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ Isabelle swimming on her own for the first time! Well with Puddle Jumpers (seriously the best thing ever invented) – but still, her first time without holding onto a grown up! }

Key West La Crêperie French Café - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ How happy Isabelle was to get a crêpe with Nutella at La Crêperie in Key West. Somehow on vacation all my mom guilt surrounding what my kids eat goes away and I just let them order whatever they want. Happy daughter = happy mother. }

Siblings holding hands - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ These two. Seriously all the hand holding always turns me into a puddle. Plus warm enough weather for vests! }

Toddler bundled up in stroller - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ One-on-one time with this little guy when I pick him up from soccer. He screeches and points at absolutely anything that’s a large machine – trucks, streetcars, airplanes, cranes… it’s the cutest! }


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