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Five Things // Escaping to Florida

January 29, 2017

Little girl playing on the beach in Florida Key Largo - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ She was so excited to be on a beach and played on her own for such a long time while I sat on a lounge chair and drank my morning coffee. }

On Thursday Isabelle and I flew to Florida for a much-needed mini break slash some quality mother-daughter time. I haven’t had true one-on-one time with Isabelle since before Nicolas was born – not counting the odd hour here or there when I run errands with her while my husband is at home with Nicky. I’ve been talking about taking Isabelle somewhere for an extended weekend for a while now but something always came up (life, you know). I finally just decided to bite the bullet and booked a flight and hotel a few weeks back – and now we’re enjoying a few days of warm weather and sunshine in beautiful Key Largo. A few first glimpses of our trip plus a couple of my favourite moments from earlier in the week after the jump.

Toddler playing with HABA puzzle - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ Nicky is obsessed with puzzles right now. It’s so sweet watching him play with his current favourite – the HABA Palette of Pegs. His concentration face seriously makes me melt every time. }

Bathtime with Yookidoo bath toys - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ Normally my husband does bath-time, but with Nicky’s whooping cough (insert sad face), steamy baths have been a daytime occurrence as well. I don’t know what it is about the bathtub – these two just play so nicely in there. Maybe it’s these new Yookidoo bath toys? We’ve got the Spin n Sort and Stack n Spray and they’re seriously so great for creating a water flow without having to keep the faucet running. }

Flying solo with a 3-year-old - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ Isabelle is a flying pro. Travelling with her was such a breeze, I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself for half of the flight. }

Florida Keys sunset in Key Largo - Five Things | Happy Grey Lucky

{ We saw the most perfect sunset on our first night. Isabelle played in the sand until it got pitch black and I was able to put up my feet and take in all the gorgeous colours. }


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Paula January 29, 2017 at 11:50 pm

What a sunset!!

Sina February 16, 2017 at 11:35 pm

Florida Keys sunsets are seriously so spectacular. It’s true what they say!


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