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How to Get that Modern, Scandinavian Halloween Look

October 24, 2017

Modern, minimalist + Scandinavian-inspired halloween decor

I never used to love Halloween all that much but, now that I have kids, it’s one of my favourite holidays! Getting dressed up in fun costumes, watching my kids eyes light up when we go trick or treating, and sitting on my porch with a cozy blanket and glass of wine, watching all the kids in their cute and creative costumes come to our door – I love it all. What I don’t love so much? The traditional Halloween decor. It’s all just a bit too kitschy and orange for me and my Scandinavian-loving ways. But there are so many ways you can decorate for Halloween in a more modern and minimalist way that I wanted to share with you the top 5 themes I’ve seen across all of the Pinterest inspiration I found.

Note: I’ve sourced everything in the above photo at the end of the post if you’re interested in the Halloween prints or anything else you see here.

Modern, minimalist + Scandinavian-inspired halloween decorModern, minimalist + Scandinavian-inspired halloween decor

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[ 1 ] Spray paint is your friend

Orange pumpkins might not go so well with your modern decor, but that’s what spray paint is for! Add some black, grey, white, pastel or metallic spray paint, and you’ve got yourself a much more modern look without a whole lot of effort (tape off the stems to keep a bit of rustic appeal). You can even add words or a pretty pattern to really make it your own. My two favourite spray painted pumpkin tutorials are here and here.

And don’t stop with pumpkins. Any cheap, kitschy Halloween decor can get a modern update with a bit of spray paint. Take a severed hand statue and spray paint it black, or a beige skeleton and spray paint it matte white. There are just so many possibilities with spray paint.

Modern, minimalist + Scandinavian-inspired halloween decor

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[ 2 ] Embrace the monochrome

Is there another holiday where black and white works as well as it does for Halloween? I think not. Make use of two of the three main Halloween colours to create a spooky but still modern and minimalist look. Use white pumpkins rather than orange to keep everything monochrome.

Modern, minimalist + Scandinavian-inspired halloween decor

[ Source: 1, 2 ]

[ 3 ] Update your artwork

Another easy way to decorate for a holiday and make sure you keep things looking modern and minimalist is to update your hanging wall art. Swap out framed pieces with modern black-and-white prints (Etsy has so many lovely choices) or add a “boo” banner or some black bats to your wall.

Modern, minimalist + Scandinavian-inspired halloween decor

[ Source: 1, 2 ]

[ 4 ] Craft with black cardstock and washi tape

Black cardstock and washi tape are a monochrome lover’s dream crafting supply. You can add so many fun details to a white wall using black cardstock cutouts and some paint-friendly washi tape. Cut out some flying bats, make a paper garland with little cat cutouts, create a cardstock spider with a washi-tape spiderweb, or just spell out the letters “BOO”. The possibilities are endless.

Modern, minimalist + Scandinavian-inspired halloween decor

[ Source: 1, 2 ]

[ 5 ] Add Eucalyptus

It might not scream traditional Halloween but Eucalytpus is such a perfect, modern fall folliage that works really well with spray painted pumpkins and other monochrome decor. Who says halloween can’t have a little greenery? You can always add some spider webs to up the creep factor a bit.

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Crystal October 24, 2017 at 11:57 am

Thank you for this post your decorating tips are always my favorite! Can you please give tips on how to pull off minimal scandinavian style and still have photos of your kids and their art work ?? I love my kids colorful and creative art projects and pics but (please without seeming like a bad mom) how do u incorporate it w monochrome design??? Thanks!

doris smart November 9, 2017 at 12:42 pm

I’m in love with the scandinavian stye not only for halloween but throughout the whole year! Your pictures are lovely.


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