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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 13, 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

How is it already mid-June? I feel like we just celebrated Mother’s Day last week. But no, that was more than a month ago! And in less than a week it’s time to celebrate the other half of this little parenting gig.

If you’re like me and do everything at the very last possible minute, I have two words for you this Father’s Day: Amazon Prime. You probably already have an Amazon Prime membership because you forgot to cancel your month-long free trial (with your 7th e-mail address you set up just for that emergency I-need-it-now moment) and so you’ve already paid the $99 fee. And, if not, I honestly think it’s worth it for all those shit-I-totally-forgot-to-buy-that moments. Like diapers. And deodorant. And toddler toothpaste. And gifts for, oh, just about everyone in your life because you don’t realize it’s their birthday / anniversary / fill-in-the-blank until the day before.

And since we’re already all perpetual procrastinators with a major case of mom brain, I’ve made things super easy for you this year! Loads of gift ideas, all under $100 (with several under $20!), all from Amazon, all primeable. All available on the US, Canada, and UK sites.

For the FASHION-CONSIOUS (or for the hubby of the fashion-conscious wifey):

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Fashionable Dad

ZeroUV Clubmaster Sunglasses (USCA – similar, GB) . I looooove ZeroUV sunglasses! They have so many amazing styles, so many colour options, they’re comfortable, and they only cost 10 bucks! I have about 6 or 7 pairs and my husband borrows most of them because lots of the styles are unisex.

Timex Weekender Watch (US, CA, GB) . Men can never have too many watches, amirite? I love a good classic style with a tan leather strap like this beautiful Timex one.

Herschel Backpack (US, CA, GB) . Give him a new, stylish way of carrying around his laptop without it looking like he’s carrying around his laptop. Bonus: it fits loads of baby gear so it doubles as a diaper bag alternative.

For the TECHIE:

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Techie

Tile Item Finder (US, CA, GB) . Dad brain is a real thing, too. This tiny bluetooth tracker will help him find his phone, keys, wallet, whatever. And make sure to get him the 4-pack. Not having to help you find your keys for the umpteenth time is definitely an added bonus for him.

Aukey External Battery Charger (US, CA, GB) . Because the iPhone battery is atrocious.

Omaker Portable Outdoor Portable Speaker (US, CA, GB) . These speakers are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Also known as: toddler-friendly.

For the NEW DAD:

Father's Day Gift Ideas - New Dad

Show Dad How Parenting Book (US, CA, GB) . Help him become the coolest, smartest, and most prepared dad around with this hilarious guide.

Leke Diaper Backpack (US, CA, GB – similar) . Most dads would prefer not to walk around in public with a giant flowery monstrosity of a diaper bag. Give him a sleek + manly knapsack like this gorgeous Leke one to keep him happy and hands free when he’s on baby duty.

Contigo Auto-Seal Travel Mug (US, CA, GB) . As much as we hate to admit it, us moms aren’t the only ones not getting enough sleep when there’s a new baby in the house. And he definitely doesn’t have enough time anymore to sit and enjoy his coffee whilst reading the morning paper.


Father's Day Gift Ideas - Fitness Fanatic

Fitbit Flex Activity + Sleep Band (US, CA, GB) . These are sooo good to get you moving. My hubby and I have an ongoing competition: whoever loses the step count for the week has to change diapers on the weekend.

Aukey Wireless Sports Headphones (US, CA, GB) . Wires are so 2015.

Step2 Multi-Use Soccer Net (US, CA, GB – similar) . Keep the kids and your hubby busy on weekends with this multi-sport set. Then go drink your coffee in peace.


Father's Day Gift Ideas - Grill Master

Weber Portable Grill (US, CA, GB – similar) . A full-size Weber might be out of your budget, but this pretty little thing is perfect for picnics in the park, car camping, or even if you don’t have a lot of space for a big grill. (Hello, city living!)

The Grilling Book (US, CA, GB) . I get hungry just looking at the gorgeous photos!

ThermoPro Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer (US, CA, GB) . Even though you’re not supposed to leave your post whilst grilling, sometimes diapers need changing and mom refuses to do it (because she won the Fitbit steps count yet again).

For the CAR LOVER:

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Car Lover

Top Gear Season 22 (US, CA, GB) . What man doesn’t love Top Gear? I’m partial to this season because it includes the hilarious episode where Hammond gets stranded in the Canadian Rockies.

Air Vent Smartphone Car Mount (US, CA, GB) . Get him completely hands-free in the car with this super practical magnetic smartphone holder that mounts to your car vent.

Car: The Definite Visual History of the Automotive (US, CA, GB) . A coffee table book that he’ll actually like for a change. And it will still look good with your MK + Ashley and Tom Ford books.

And just for fun… for the INSTAGRAM HUSBAND:

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Instagram Husband

Spigen Selfie Stick (US, CA, GB) . If you’ve got yourself an Instagram husband, give a gift that you will both appreciate: the selfie stick. That way he gets out of his photo-taking duties and you have full creative control over the angle and composition.

Joby GripTight GorillaPod for Smartphones (US, CA, GB) . If selfie sticks aren’t your cup of tea, a little tripod for you phone will do the trick, too.

Collapsible Light Reflector (US, CA, GB) . Whilst a whole lighting crew would be every Insta blogger’s dream come true, turn your hubby into the next best thing with a portable light reflector.

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