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Marimekko for Target

May 13, 2016

Marimekko for Target matching swimsuits for mother & daughter | Happy Grey Lucky

Confession: I’ve been drooling over Marimekko’s gorgeous prints ever since I first laid eyes on them in Denmark two years ago. Marimekko (pronounced “MAH-ree-meh-ko” – courtesy of Google because I was definitely saying it all kinds of wrong) is a Finnish company founded in 1951 and the name, quite literally, means “Mary-dress”. They’re best known for their bold and mostly colourful, 60s-inspired textiles but my absolute favourites are all of their monochrome kitchen and dining pieces in their polka-dot-esque Räsymatto print. (Check out some of my favourites here, here, and here. Mega swoon!)

Marimekko for Target matching swimsuits for mother & daughter | Happy Grey Lucky

Unfortunately it’s just a tad out of my price range. (I’m a $3 Ikea mug kind of girl.) But as luck would have it, Marimekko just came out with a collaboration with Target! And, as if the shopaholic stars were aligned, the collection debuted during my trip to Los Angeles last month. You guys, I was in heaven! I think I stood in front of the home display for a good half an hour, putting every single item into my cart and then back out. Then back in. And back out. Good thing it was right next to some kids outdoor furniture because otherwise Isabelle would have objected. (Nicolas was busy chewing on the shopping cart straps. Let’s not even talk about how gross that was. But a girl’s gotta shop and so happy baby trumps grossed out mama. Germs are good, right?)

Anyways, enough rambling and onto the good stuff. Here are some of my favourites (all still available at the moment):

Marimekko for Target black & white collection | Happy Grey Lucky

women’s swimsuit | toddler swimsuit | pouf | lantern | teepee | reversible throw | gardening set | outdoor rugpaddleboard | round beach towel | palazzo pants | scarf

Anyone surprised that it’s all black and white? Ha! I actually did purchase one colourful dress for Isabelle (this one) because it’s just too adorable. And you can bet your hiney that when I saw those matching swimsuits I just about died. (Except why no little baby boy trunks, Marimekko? Fun prints are not just for girls. Nicolas would have rocked that wave print like nobody’s business.)

Unfortunately for me and my Marimekko obsession (but fortunately for my bank account), I didn’t end up buying half of the things I wanted to. Not because I have any self control (I don’t) but because of suitcase restrictions. If anyone wants to mail me the teepee or the paddleboard, I would not object. Just sayin’.

Run, you guys, run! To your nearest Target store. Or just, you know, order online. Before everything is gone. Because it’s just that good.

Marimekko for Target girls swimsuit & beach towel | Happy Grey Lucky

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Camila August 12, 2016 at 12:09 am

So happy to have found your blog! LOVE Marimekko. Great post 🙂

Sina September 1, 2016 at 8:38 pm

Thank you so much Camila! I could fill my whole house with Marimekko, such beautiful prints.


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