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Mom jeans that don’t look like mom jeans

September 30, 2016

Mom Uniform - High-Rise Skinny Jeans / Jeggings | Happy Grey Lucky

I feel like pregnancy has ruined me when it comes to pants. I’ve got a closet full of “big girl” pants (read: no stretchy waist band) and I just can’t bring myself to wear them. I’ll put them on every now and then thinking “today is the day I’m going to get it together and wear real pants”, but, max 10 minutes later, they’re back in my closet and I’m left wondering how the heck I ever wore these pants pre-pregnancy?

So, these days, when I feel like getting out of my sweats and adulting, high-rise skinny jeans is where it’s at. They’re stretchy so they’re almost as comfy as maternity jeans. (I said almost.) The higher waist holds in all sorts of postpartum tummy woes and lets you bend down and pick up your baby slash kiss toddler knees slash tidy up all those toys without worrying about flashing everyone your butt crack. And, since you’re wearing something tight on the bottom, you can get away with a loose and flowy top (again to hide any leftover trouble spots) and still look put together.

Mom Uniform - High-Rise Skinny Jeans / Jeggings | Happy Grey Lucky

Right now I’m loving the ripped knee trend even though it probably detracts from my “look, I’m an adult and I’m wearing adult pants!” thing I’m going for. When I was visiting my grandmother this summer, she said to me with a sigh, “you used to where pants without holes”. And then she pointed out that the bottom of my hair is blonde whilst the top is still brown.  Kids these days.

Mom Uniform - High-Rise Skinny Jeans / Jeggings | Happy Grey Lucky

Since I own slash have owned more skinnies than I care to admit, I thought I’d share some of my favourites right now. All under $75 (with half under $50!) and all available in petite, regular + tall inseams. (I’m 5’11” so one-size-fits-all just does not work for me.)

Mom Uniform - High-Rise Skinny Jeans / Jeggings - Favorite Styles | Happy Grey Lucky

Topshop Mid-Rise Leigh Jeans . My long-time favourites.

Topshop High-Rise Joni Jeans . Another style from Topshop because they’re just that good!

ASOS High-Rise Ridley Jeans . I just bought my first pair of Asos jeans a few months back and I’m loving them! They’re more jeans than jeggings (aka not as stretchy) so they’re not quite as comfy as, say, the Topshop jeans but they never loose their shape so you can wear them forever before washing them! Unless your baby smears banana and avocado all over them approximately 1 hour after you put them on. (Nicky, I’m looking at you.)

H&M Super Skinny Jeggings . They might not be the best quality, but the price is amazing. $20! And such a great selection of on-trend colours.

Old Navy Mid-Rise RockStar Jeans . I loooove the cut of these jeans. So comfy and flattering. They stretch out more quickly than I’d like but the comfort level and price point more than make up for it.

GAP High-Rise True Skinny Jeans . I feel like no jeans post is complete without a pair of Gap jeans. They were my first pair of skinnies and I’ve had the same pair for years and years so they definitely pass the test of time.

Mom Uniform - High-Rise Skinny Jeans / Jeggings | Happy Grey Lucky

What does your mom uniform consist of? What’s you favourite jeans style?

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Brandi Walker September 30, 2016 at 10:57 am

ASOS has a jean called “the mom jean”. You need a pair I promise. They have them in every length. They’re super high waisted but have a really cute slim fit!!! I have the faded black with holes in the knees, the lighter ones with holes in the knees, and I just got grey ones on sale for $26! They’re my new favorite fit!!! Just saying. Thanks for the tips! I’m interested in the top shop ones for sure!

Sina October 3, 2016 at 11:13 pm

Thanks for the tip! They look sooo good, I’m totally going to try a pair. We don’t have ASOS in Canada, I miss it so much from my days in Germany. BUT I’m heading to the California next week so I’ll send some to my sister’s place to try when I’m there!

Laura September 30, 2016 at 7:34 pm

Thanks for the tips!! Finding pants is so tough post-pregnancy!!

Sina October 3, 2016 at 11:14 pm

It sure is!


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