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Powering smiles (rather than meltdowns) this holiday season

December 7, 2017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duracell. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas flatlay | modern, monochrome Christmas

In our family we celebrate both German and Canadian traditions during the holidays. In Germany, Christmas is celebrated on the Eve of December 24th, first with a family dinner, followed by church, and then opening presents when you come back home. So for us, we always have a wonderful family dinner on Christmas Eve (consisting of the most delicious noodle salad that my mom has been making on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve alone since the early days of my childhood), and then we let everyone pick out one gift from under the tree to open. Santa Claus hasn’t come yet for us, but gifts from family and friends are under the tree so there’s already something for everyone. The kids then have a blast playing with their newest toy until it’s time for bed and they excitedly agree because they know Santa is coming oh so soon. Once the kids are asleep, we stay up, drinking wine, eating homemade cookies (we always have German Vanillkipferl, Coconut Macaroons + Lebkuchen) and laughing ’til our bellies hurt.

We go to bed with hearts and bellies full and wake up the next morning to Santa having brought even more gifts and kicking off the Canadian side of our Christmas traditions. Opening presents while drinking coffee and eating cookies (because, of course) and, after all the gifts are opened (and played with), we make a big family brunch. Bottomless quiche, pancakes, sausages, fruit salad, and of course mimosas to toast to yet another magical Christmas.

A modern, Scandinavian Christmas | Kids wearing matching Christmas pyjamas

Now let’s go back to Christmas Eve again for a minute. And picture this: you’re sitting on the sofa, by the cozy fire, with a glass of red in one hand, a homemade cookie in the other, in a pure state of bliss as you watch your kids pick out the biggest gift under the tree and excitedly start unwrapping. It’s the electric train set that they’ve been ogling every time they visited the toy store over the past year. They rip open the box and Opa helps them put together the coolest looking track your train-obsessed kiddos have ever seen. They put the engines on the tracks, flip the switch to turn them on, and nothing. The train doesn’t move. Your stomach sinks. Dang it, you forgot to check the box to see if batteries were included.

Your kids hold it together for exactly 1.5 seconds. And then the bawling begins. What started as a moment of bliss has done a swift 180. You run around the house, in a state of panic, as you frantically open up every last electronic you can think of to see if it has four AAA batteries that you desperately need to make the darn train set work. Nope! They all have dang AA batteries. The only remote with the correct batteries has long run out of juice itself. (It’s your DVD player that you haven’t used since you signed up for Netflix so it’s understandable that it’s taken you over 1.5 years to replace said batteries.)

A modern, Scandinavian Christmas | Kids wearing matching Christmas pyjamas

Sound familiar? While this scenario hasn’t happened to us personally at Christmas time, it most definitely has happened at other gift gifting occasions. And I’m sure many of you have experienced something similar! Even if you haven’t, Christmas is no time to start. So I’m here to provide you with this very important public service announcement: add batteries to your holiday shopping list! And not just any batteries, but the #1 trusted battery brand in Canada: Duracell. There’s no better battery that you can rely on to power all those toys on Christmas morning. We all know what’s going to happen if those toys don’t turn on – the meltdowns, the tantrums, the crying, the heartache. Make sure to buy Duracell batteries this holiday season to avoid a Christmas like the one in Duracell’s hilarious video:

This holiday season, Duracell isn’t just saving the day at home, they’re also saving the day at Children’s Hospitals all across the country. As part of their holiday tradition, Duracell has been supporting Children’s Hospitals across Canada for 11 years through its partnership with Children’s Miracle Network.  Duracell donates a portion of the sales of every single pack of batteries purchased at Walmart in the month of December. Their goal is to raise $150,000 for Children’s Miracle Network, so let’s work together to make that happen! Because we all need batteries this holiday season so might as well give back whilst we’re shopping for the #1 brand we trust. Buy Duracell at Walmart to trigger a donation from Duracell to Children’s Miracle Network (CMN).

Christmas flatlay | modern, monochrome Christmas

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Very nice article. As you say that your mom makes very nice dinner on Chrismas Eve So i think now you make dinner for your kids in this Chrismas Eve.
By the way marry Chrismas and enjoy your Chrismas with delicious meals.


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